If you are building your dream home in the country

It’s a necessary part of planning your dream, and we know leading a new home build is a big project in New Zealand. Get the most out of your septic tanks. Find the right wastewater system design for your home with Approved Wastewater.

Some aspects of design are rather fun to mull over, like what colour the living room will be or what sort of bathtub you want. Yet, if you’re building on a rural property, there’s something else to think about: wastewater management. Planning for the water you flush may not be quite what you had in mind, but it’s a Council requirement for homes located outside urban zones.

As part of your overall home design, you’ll want to be sure your wastewater system is installed in the best place for lifestyle. You wouldn’t pack muddy running shoes with a clean sport’s jersey, just like you wouldn’t put a wastewater tank next to a patio area meant for barbecues in summer.

You can also use this opportunity to have a professional, like us, plan a custom irrigation system to water gardens and fruit trees. We’re here to help plan and install your wastewater systems !

Wastewater system designs must then be submitted to and approved by the Council before they can be installed. We can also help you with this process.




If you’re a builder

You already know wastewater management is required for all rural properties. If you need a qualified subcontractor to come in and handle the job, we will design the system with your customer’s input and prepare all the paperwork for Council approval. 

Running since 2014, we have worked with a number of builders, providing them with the professional support to get the job done right and fast. 

Once you’ve got the greenlight to go forward, we install the system when it suits your schedule and leave your site tidy as. 

How else can Approved Wastewater help you?

Along with our design and installation services -- as well as our service and maintenance skills -- Approved Wastewater can also assist in keeping your home safe and clean for years to come with regular maintenance and repairs.  

Gradual wear and tear can cause filters to fail and pipes to drain or burst, but don’t stress -- we’re just a phone call away. We know the systems inside and out. We know how to keep the water systems running smoothly. After all, we designed it!

We also take great pride in using eco friendly methods with our work. We always test the water to be sure it’s at an environmentally acceptable level. 

With Approved Wastewater, rest assured you can always get services for: 

  • Installation and design
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Water storage tanks 

Have any questions?

Do you want to know more about how we can help you? Do you have questions regarding the layout of your home and land? Give us a ring. We’re here to help!