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• Approved Wastewater Ltd, Helensville, NZ.  64-9-420-9042 •

Welcome to Approved Wastewater

We design, install and service waste water systems.

image Approved Wastewater Ltd (formally Helensville Wastewater) has been supplying and installing award-winning Hynds Wastewater Treatment Systems for over ten years in the greater Auckland area (Waipu to South Auckland). We have installed hundreds of systems during this time and recently incorporated Devan, Eloy and Aquate systems into our range, offering new home builders and existing home owners even more choice for what’s best for their little slice of paradise.

Earthwise Products - good for you and your tank

A complete range of plant-based products for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and general purpose cleaning.

image The staff of Approved Wastewater Ltd use and endorse Earthwise Products for the benefit of their tanks and the environment. Both locally and internationally, there is growing support for the purchase of products that are kinder for the environment. Consumers are now considering not only what is in the products they buy, but also what those products physically come in and how they were made. Initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand Government, Environmental Choice recognises genuine moves made by manufacturers to reduce the environmental impacts of their products and provides a credible and independent guide for consumers who want to purchase products that are better for the environment. Every new AWW installation receives a free gift sample pack of Earthwise Products.
We endorse Earthwise Products